Who we are

Problem solvers, thinkers & collaborators.

We help businesses grow.

Infolytics is a Zoho Authorised Partner and Registered Zoho Creator Partner with its main head office in South Africa and another regional office in Zimbabwe. We offer expert Zoho assistance and help businesses of all sizes grow and reach their full potential during their journey of discovery, selection, implementation, training, and ongoing success with the Zoho suite of Web and Mobile Apps. We are also digital growth experts with a passion for designing and executing innovative digital marketing strategies that boost business growth and increase revenue.  At Infolytics, we are committed to being a sustainable partner to our customers by providing the best and the most reliable Zoho and Digital Marketing services.

How we do it.

Infolytics Zoho Licensing and On-boarding

Zoho On-boarding

We do a detailed business needs analysis and  help customers choose the right Zoho business solution applications and licensing editions for their businesses. This ensures that our customers invest in the right tools that are designed to address their specific business needs.

Infolytics Zoho Implementations

Zoho Implementations

We automate, customise, integrate and implement Zoho apps using our tried and tested methodology for Zoho success stories. Our goal is to ensure that our customers enjoy the full ROI of their Zoho business app after successful implementation.

Infolytics Zoho Training

Zoho Training

We offer expert online and in-class training programs tailored exclusively to your business requirements for Zoho users at different levels. Our customers are able to upskill their teams, collaborate better and deploy Zoho apps with confidence.

Infolytics Zoho Support

Zoho Support

We provide dedicated Zoho Support with Expert Partner Consulting at different support levels (Standard, Professional, Advanced & Enterprise). Our customers enjoy the full benefits of using Zoho without any interruptions through ongoing support.

Infolytics SEO Services

SEO Services

We offer custom-tailored SEO services and dedicated SEO Strategists for On-page SEO, Off-site SEO, Content, Local SEO Services, Analytics and SEO Audits. We help our customers grow their businesses with high-quality, organic traffic that converts and boosts revenues.

Social Media Marketing

We help businesses design clear content strategies, increase their online visibility and build relationships with new leads and existing customers on Social Media. We ensure that our customers create online momentum that converts into actual sales using the right channels.

Why we are here.

Our mission is to equip organizations with the business systems they need to perform better. 

Who we serve.

From entrepreneurs and freelancers to both small and large businesses, Infolytics supports entities of all sizes across various industries and sectors.

Real Estate

Medical Services

Accounting Consultancy


Tech Gadgets/Software Resellers

Telco Equipment Distributors

Meet our founders.

Our founders have deep expertise in Finance, Customer Experience, Sales, IT Business Consultancy & Telecoms. They are passionate about leveraging on Digital Transformation to provide businesses with the best solutions to improve overall business performance.

Tichaona Wadi Infolytics Co-founder T

Tichaona Wadi ~ Co-founder & CEO

Finance guru who is not afraid of failure. Tich is a numbers person bestowed with a razor-sharp analytical-mindset. He is always in the mood to learn something new and enjoys finding ways of doing things better. If you are looking for someone to offer unique insights and practical solutions to grow your business and improve business efficiency, Tich is your guy.

Takunda Kowo Infolytics Co-founder T

Takunda Kowo ~ Co-founder & COO

Tech nerd turned business fella. Tkay is an innate problem-solver and has always had a curious mind about all things tech. He was also obsessed with the idea  of starting his own business. When he realised that he could use technology to help others start and successfully grow their own businesses, he channelled all his energy and resources into doing just that. 


How we are different.

When you become our customer, we genuinely want to see you grow. We provide you with honest guidance that will help you resolve your business challenges and improve the overall performance of your business. We put all the cards on the table and give you expert advice on your Zoho or Digital Marketing needs.

Our consulting and implementation services are based on best practice, experience and expertise and the end-game is to make sure you maximise on the value you will get from your Zoho or Digital Marketing  investment. 

Our partnership with Zoho also means that we are knowledgeable about their products and services. As a Zoho Authorised Partner, we are here to equip you with the expert support you need to resolve your business challenges and improve the overall performance of your business

Custom-tailored Services

We always start with a fresh drawing board specifically for your business. We understand that every business has it's own specific needs. We take time to understand your specific business and goals, and then offer a custom-tailored solution that has clear objectives and deliverables.

Our Entire Business Runs on Zoho

When you work with us, we will bring real life experiences and expertise to your business. Our entire company runs on Zoho and we have working experience on Zoho's suite of business apps. We are in the trenches of it all and focus on practical solutions of not only Zoho but Digital Marketing practices.

Pool of Experts

When you become our customer, you get access to the best minds in the business who have backgrounds in Finance, Accounting, Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, IT, Engineering & Telecoms. Our multi-industry experience will bring "fresh eyes" that will ignite rapid growth.

Dedicated Support

We hand-pick our team members for each project and ensure that they have the right skills and experience to ensure that you achieve operational excellence. Our team is naturally a curious bunch that is continuously learning so you will get dedicated support from highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

Customer success.

We believe that a satisfied customer is the greatest strategy of all so we work hard to ensure that we go above and beyond to provide the best customer experience in town. With real people dedicated to ensuring that your business succeeds, we continuously strive to deliver amazing support and be better than we were yesterday. 


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