Designed to build an exceptional employee experience that attracts & retains talent.

Measure, evaluate, motivate and boost employee productivity with an end-to-end  HR cloud-based system that streamlines and effortlessly automates your HR operations. 



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It's time to transform your Employee Experience.

Outshine your competitors in the war for talent with a 360-degree HR solution that gives you everything you need to manage your growing business from hiring, onboarding, attendance management, time tracking, learning and performance appraisals.

Reduce the number of hours you spend analysing your data with a centralised dashboard that gives you a complete overview of your entire organisation.

The challenge, for many businesses is that their data sits in systems that do not talk to each other. This means that a significant amount of effort is required to both consolidate data and analyse it. Zoho People comes with a centralised dashboard that ensures that all key metrics are accessible to multiple teams across different departments resulting in better decision making and communication between departments. 

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Manage your Human Resources from wherever you are.

Candidate & Employee Onboarding

Onboard and manage (from hiring to exiting) your employees online, from a single platform that helps you eliminate paperwork and time consuming admin work. An automated onboarding experience also provides new employees with the ultimate first impression.

Automated Employee Timesheets

Proactively and effortlessly manage employee timesheets (including approvals), attendance, logins, assign tasks to employees, process payrolls and invoices from a central platform.

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Employee Dashboard & Self-service

Get a quick overview of all the major employee activities such as leave reports with a custom employee dashboard. Employees can also manage their own profiles on-the-go through both the employee self-service portal or mobile application.

Custom Data Collection Forms

Design custom forms to collect your employee  data with an easy to use drag-and-drop builder. Forms can also be cloned saving your HR team time and improving their productivity. 

Level up your Performance Management with an agile and responsive HR system.

Zoho People nicely ties up together  all your essential Performance Management activities enabling your Managers to proactively coach and develop your employees.   This creates an environment where your employees can work with purpose improving overall engagement. 


Enable your Managers and Leaders to select the most proficient employees for a specific project or mentoring juniors as well with a data from a comprehensive single-view dashboard. Get insights into each employee's capabilities giving your management team a simplified way of identifying training needs. 

KRAs & Goals

Set achievable targets and goals for your employees with a clear pathway to track progress and measure outcomes.  Empower your employees by allowing them to set their own goals and assess their performance improving overall productivity. 

Feedback & Appraisals

Create an environment were your employees can thrive with  constructive, specific and well-meaning feedback in the form of Peer-to-Peer, Manager to Reportee or 360-degree Feedback. Stay on top of your employee performance appraisals with monthly or quarterly reviews that have optional aggregated self and manager ratings. 

Zoho People Performance Management

Effortlessly customise your performance appraisal system.

Customisable Appraisal Cycles. 
Multi-rater Reviews.
Salary Hike & Budgeting. 

Deliver a comprehensive, seamless and engaging learning experience.

Create and publish self-paced and blended courses with an HR system that seamlessly integrates with Performance Management functions empowering your Managers to assign courses that are relevant to your employees skills and competencies. 

Zoho People E-learning Platform Infolytics

Smarter hiring decisions and automated HR processes are only a click away.



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