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Designed to help you deliver an exceptional and seamless 
e-learning experience.

Discover an interactive online training platform designed to help you to build, market and sell your online courses or training programs with ease and flexibility.


zoho trainercentral

Provide interactive, flexible training on demand.

Enable your learners, employees or customers to enjoy high quality uninterrupted learning with Zoho TrainerCentral, a highly interactive cloud-based training platform designed for HR and training departments, training agencies and independent trainers.

interactive virtual training

Create courses that reflect your skills & build a profitable business.

Formerly known as Zoho ShowTime, TrainerCentral is designed to support various professionals in a way that builds their communities and boosts their businesses.

Zoho TrainerCentral Courses

Get the best of both worlds.

Enjoy the best of both worlds with hybrid training options which include Remote/Live, On Demand and Face-to-Face session. Hybrid learning improves flexibility and customisation of classes and accessibility for self-paced or remote learners. Hybrid learning will enable you to utilize your resources more efficiently by creating and scheduling sessions and then assigning the most suitable hosts or trainers for each session. Training registration forms can be customised to your needs and your training sessions can be password-protected enabling you to carefully choose who can be a part of your sessions.

remote, on-demand, virtual training

Boost engagement in your virtual classroom with the right engagement features.

Facilitate collaborative and interactive learning and also keep your sessions interesting with Q&As, slide likes, polls, open mics, screen share, chat, whiteboards and more.

Open Mic

Empower your attendees to contribute during sessions which fosters a culture of collaborative learning. Simulating a real-time learning environment can boost the effectiveness of your learning sessions.  As the trainer, you have full control and can approve, mute, deny or revoke mic access requests.


Transform lessons into conversations with live audience or remote audience polls that you use during your training sessions. Polls are great  encouraging participation, evaluating performance as well as conducting research as you get feedback and responses from your participants.


Draw and create visually engaging presentations and illustrations whilst recording or sharing your screen in real-time using TrainerCentral's online whiteboard. Whiteboards provide a highly interactive environment for both trainers and learners making the entire experience not only enjoyable but memorable. 

online training with zoho

Build and manage your training team.

Bring in your team of co-trainers or guest trainers using one Zoho TrainerCentral account and conveniently manage your team of trainers. Roles can be assigned from one dashboard to ensure that tasks are completed efficiently. Your team of trainers can also create and exchange course materials on a single collaborative platform which saves time and improves overall teamwork.

zoho trainercentral, create custom certificates

Celebrate success with custom certificates.

Professional and branded certificates can do wonders for your bottom line, brand appeal and learner's motivation. Zoho TrainerCentral has a creative range of templates that you can customise and issue to your learners. You can also upload your own designs for that personal touch. The process of issuing  certificates can also be automated so that your learners receive them as soon as they complete their courses. 

zoho trainercentral online courses dashboard

Make intelligent and data-driven decisions.

Measure the impact of your training using polls, assessments, evaluations and surveys during live sessions or at end of each session. Zoho TrainerCentral has detail-rich analytics that give you actionable insights on audience engagement, the performance of your training team, the impact of your email campaigns to participants and how they found the overall learning experience.  The feedback and ratings will help improve running and future training sessions.

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