Who we are

Problem solvers, results-oriented,  & collaborators.

Meet The Team

Tichaona Wadi

Tichaona (Tich) Wadi

My Favourite...
Zoho App: Analytics
Sport: Cricket
Animal: Sable
Song: Everglow - Coldplay
Game: Monopoly
Takunda Kowo

Takunda (Tkay) Kowo

My Favourite...
Zoho App: CRM
Sport: Basketball
Animal: Lion
Song: Hustler's Ambition - 50 Cent
Game: Scrabble
Tawanda Marunga

Tawanda (Sauro) Marunga

My Favourite...
Zoho Apps: CRM, Creator & Flow
Sport: Soccer
Animal: Buffalo
Song: Love About You - Papa San
Game: Chess
Tshando Madhava

Tshando (Tigos) Madhava

My Favourite...
Zoho App: CRM
Sport: Soccer
Animal: Dog (Maltese)
Song: The Song That Never Ends
Game: Call of Duty
Peter Masaraneyi

Peter (Pedro) Masaraneyi

My Favourite...
Zoho App: Desk
Sport: Cricket/Tennis/F1/Football
Animal: Lion
Song: Mannenburg - Abdullah Ibrahim
Game: Sudoku
Rufaro Kowo

Rufaro (Rue) Kowo

My Favourite...
Zoho Apps: Social, CRM & Cliq
Sport: Depends on the day...
Animal: Maltese
Song: Lovely Day - Bill Withers
Game: Jenga
Elton Mutize

Elton (Boss Elaz) Mutize

My Favourite...
Zoho App: Zoho Analytics 
Sport: Basketball
Animal/Pet: Dog
Song: The Blessing - Kari Jobe
Game: Ludo
Tamuka Mnangagwa

Tamuka (Mmangz) Mnangagwa

My Favourite...
Zoho App: Zoho Creator 
Sport: Football
Animal/Pet: Lion
Song: St.Emmo & Sylent Nqo - Love Reset feat Stan C
Game: FIFA