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Infolytics is a Zoho Premium Partner

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With more than 50 business applications to choose from, it's normal for businesses to feel a little overwhelmed when trying to select the best Zoho solution for their business. There's a lot at stake here. You need to make the right decision the first time so that you don't make any costly financial investments. That's why we are here. 

What we offer

We offer Standard and Premium Onboarding Support designed to help businesses make the most of the critical months following a new Zoho software purchase. Along with around-the-clock technical support, our onboarding specialists will provide personalized guidance to help you set up your Zoho product, align it with your business processes, and achieve your goals.

Our services include guided onboarding sessions, prioritized product assistance, multi-channel support (email, calls, chat), remote assistance through screen-sharing, and access to developer guides, articles, e-books, videos, webinars, and other on-demand resources on setup, customization, and best practices.

Whether your business is large or small or you are an entrepreneur operating as a one-man show, we are ready to help you get the most out of Zoho.
Infolytics Zoho Onboarding Support

The Benefits of having Zoho On-boarding Support for your business

Enjoy Varied Expertise

Our team consists of expert Zoho Consultants with several years of experience drilling down into business use cases to help our customers to align Zoho products with their processes. They also have working experience with Zoho as we also use it for every aspect of our business and we help customers, big and small from various industries to succeed with Zoho on a daily basis.

Be More Productive

Free up more time to focus on the most important aspects of your business by enjoying guided onboarding sessions that help you to quickly address issues and identify appropriate solutions. Our Zoho Consultants can also comb through your business requirements and identify the best Zoho app and complementary features that will give you the results you are looking for.

Deploy With Confidence

We provide comprehensive guided onboarding support, practical product assistance and access to resources that will help you to better understand the applications you are using, giving yourself and your team the confidence they need to effectively deploy and use Zoho Apps.

Save and Reduce Costs

We have certified Zoho Consultants with the right expertise and multi-industry experience with Zoho apps to help you select and setup the most suitable Zoho app, licensing editions as well as the most effective solution that suits your business needs and requirements. This will help you to minimize costly errors and bring down any unexpected budgeting issues.

How we do it.

Step 1

We conduct a focused and detailed needs analysis with a one-on-one approach to deep dive into your strategic goals, current processes, operations, pain points and key drivers. 

Step 2

We analyse your business requirements and recommend the most effective Zoho business solution applications and licensing editions for your business.

Step 3

We provide guided onboarding sessions and remote assistance through screen-sharing, and access to on-demand resources on Zoho setup, customization and best practices.

Step 4

If you need additional support, we provide affordable ongoing support in the form of training, implementations, consultations . We are here to ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of your Zoho  apps without interruptions.

Infolytics Zoho Onboarding Support Services
Infolytics is a Zoho Partner South Africa Zimbabwe

We are a Zoho Premium Partner

Infolytics is a Zoho Premium Partner which means that we are knowledgeable about Zoho's suite of web and mobile business solutions. We have certified Zoho Consultants with the right  expertise and multi-industry experience with Zoho apps to ensure that you choose the most effective solution that suits your business needs and requirements. 


We are a Registered Zoho Creator Solution Provider

Infolytics is a Registered Zoho Creator Solution Provider which means that we are well equipped with the right skills and experience to help you build low-code applications according to your unique business requirements. We also have a team of certified Zoho Developers with the right  expertise and multi-industry experience with building customized business applications using Zoho Creator.

Infolytics is a Registered Zoho Creator Solution Provider in South Africa Zimbabwe

We are here for the long run. 

Once your systems are in place, we are just a phone away. We offer friendly and affordable professional ongoing support and we are more than happy to help you out with improvements, consulting and training to make sure that you continue to operate at your best. 

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*Applies to Gauteng only with 1 Face to Face Zoho support session. Flights and accommodation will be charged for visits outside of Gauteng.

**Our Standard and Premium Onboarding Support services do not cover workshops and onsite training programs, enhancements and customizations, end-to-end implementation, or support for external connected applications and integrations that are beyond Zoho's scope. If you would like to know more about how you can enjoy these Zoho services, please send us an email on and one of our Zoho Consultants will be in touch with you within 24hrs.

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