All the tools you need to design and build your own online store. 

Save on website development costs and design your own online store using a simple drag-and-drop website  builder that comes with marketing tools to help you sell faster, smarter and better than your competitors. With the best ecommerce website builder in town, building an online store has never been this easy.


Build the website you want and start selling products and services online from anywhere.

Zoho Commerce gives you everything you need to start your online business and grow it to become one of the best in your industry. It comes with product and order management, sales reports, e-commerce marketing tools as well as seamless integrations to payment gateways and courier companies.  Zoho Commerce has all the tools to rank it as one of the best ecommerce website builders.

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Let's build your online store.

Launching your online store has never been this easy. Zoho Commerce powers merchants in over 30 countries around the globe and its simple start up process is highly rated. 

Design the way you want. 

Create a unique and stunning online store without using any code. All templates can be customised so that you can add your own personal touch and present your brand the way you want. 

Whether you want to sell beauty products, electronics, home décor, pet products, fashion clothing or accessories or even outdoor equipment, there's a pre-built template for you. All you have to do is experiment with layouts and then drag-and-drop content into place.

The Custom CSS Editor and Visual Editor allow you to customise the theme for your website. 

zoho website design
real-time ordering zoho

Real-time order & Shipping Management.

Zoho Commerce comes with powerful ecommerce features that help you to manage your product information,  fulfill your orders on time, manage your inventory, keep track of your shipping, accept payments online and offline as well as monitor your analytics. 

In-build abandoned cart management features help you to boost conversions with follow-up emails to customers. 

Integrate with payment gateways.

Accept payments online from your favourite payment gateways. Zoho Commerce integrates to multiple gateways such as  Stripe, PayPal, 2CheckOut, PayU, EazyPay, Forte and many more. All you have to do a few clicks to setup your payment gateway and start getting paid online. For our South African customers, as long as you have Zoho Books, you can also receive online payments using Yoco. Many of our South African customers are enjoying using Yoco for both Zoho Commerce and Zoho Books as it enables them to generate a payment button for invoices and email links as well as instantly accept credit and debit card payments. With the Zoho Books and Zoho Commerce integration, you can seamlessly manage all your accounting without any headaches. If you do not want to receive payments online, you can also easily setup your checkout process  to receive payments offline.

zoho commerce online payment gateway integrations

Market your business like a pro.

Attract the right visitors, reach and engage more customers while growing your sales all from a single dashboard. Share your content on social media and use the in-built SEO management features to promote your business and drive the right target audience to your online store. You can also collect reviews from genuine buyers and display them on your store to boost your organic presence.

 The advanced reporting and analytics (funnel analytics, scroll maps, heatmaps) features help you to analyse your web traffic by page as well as better understand which products are performing exceptionally well. 

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Other cool Zoho Commerce Features.

Landing Page Builder

Build custom and dedicated landing pages that will improve your website's ranking on different search engines that help drive traffic to your store. Multiple landing pages also help with with delivering more targeted marketing campaigns and enhance the overall checkout process.

Interactive Blogs

Design a creative and engaging blog that adds value not only to your customer experience but also boosts traffic to your website. Blogs ensure that you maximise your organic visibility on major search engines through informative content about your products or services.

Mobile Ready

All the pre-built templates are highly responsive and mobile friendly making them super functional for user, no matter what type of device they are using.  Your customers will enjoy browsing, skimming and digesting your store content which will impress your audience and boost sales conversions.

Multiple Currencies

The multiple currencies feature helps your customers to view products in the currency they want. This is great if you sell your products in different countries as it provides a great level of convenience for both you and your customers. Exchange rates are updated in real-time and on a daily basis ensuring that your accounting is in order.

AI Powered Sales

Provide personalised and relevant product recommendations to your customers using ZIA, an AI-powered product recommendation engine. ZIA helps you to understand your customer's shopping patterns and behaviours giving you opportunities to push specific products and drive sales. ZIA's analytics are always updating which boosts success rates.

Search Engine Friendly

Rank higher on Google and other search engines by researching key business terms and phrases and adding them to your online store's meta title. Search engines can also crawl frequently on your website as the sitemap for your store is refreshed regularly.  Sitemaps make it easy for search engines to find your site pages which improves ranking.

Seamless Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with key native applications aimed at growing your business such as Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Sales IQ, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Pagesense, Zoho CRM, Zoho Inventory and Zoho Books. Also integrate with third party apps such as Aramex, DHL, FedEx, UPS, PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, MailChimp, Google Analytics and Avalara.

Real-time Reports

For your online store to succeed, your business decisions should be based on data and customer behaviour. Zoho Commerce reports are detail-rich providing you with essential insights on your webpage traffic, product performance and user behaviour. Can also be integrated to Zoho Analytics which a powerful tool for in-depth analysis.

Customer Management

Empower your customers and enhance their shopping experience with unique customer profiles. Your customers will be able to view  their order history, current orders and saved billing or shipping addresses as well as post product views and cancel orders. Can also be integrated to Zoho CRM with a simple click that gives you a 360-view of your customers.

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