Generate leads, engage with customers and boost your sales with a feature-rich marketing automation platform.

Zoho Marketing Automation is an affordable marketing platform with powerful sales, marketing automation, analytics and smart integration features designed to serve small to medium businesses.


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Sit back and watch the results roll in.

Track your touchpoints, generate interest for your products and services and attract leads that actually convert to sales with automated personalised customer journeys that will help grow your business while you sleep. 

Zoho Marketing Automation Business Growth

Focus on the right prospects and decision-makers.

Capture the right leads from your website, online events, webinars, seminars or conferences using sign-up forms, smart popups, APIs or by integrating Zoho Marketing Automation to both in-house or third-party apps such as Zoho Backstage, Zoho Meeting, Zoho CRM, Eventbrite and many others. You can generate relevant leads from multiple touchpoints such as digital ads on Bing, Google and social media, your existing social media channels and  other lead generation sources (review sites, email campaigns, search engines and referrals). 

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Effortlessly manage all your customer journeys and relationships.

Manage multiple customer journeys like a pro from the first point of contact until you close your deals with an effective lead nurturing automation tool. With just a few clicks, you can setup automatic cross-channel workflows with a wide range of drag-and-drop triggers, targeted automated email, social media and SMS campaigns. With quality lead scoring, you can better understand which leads are most likely to convert and increase both your sales and revenues.

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Zoho Marketing Automation Email Campaigns Infolytics

Improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Display relevant content and improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by targeting leads or customers based on the actions that they take on your website. Zoho Marketing Automation gives you the right set of tools and real-time reports to help you better understand what your customers and website visitors are looking for, where they are located, when to re-engage customers with abandoned carts - all this done strategically to boost sales and conversions.

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Stay in touch with your customers, wherever they are.

Market your business and send the right messages to your audience using email campaigns, social media campaigns and SMS campaigns with in-built engagement features to help you reach and connect with your audience at the right time. With Advanced email campaigns, you can effortlessly promote your webinars, ecommerce products and events. Email campaigns have time saving pre-designed email templates and interactive features such as sign-up forms and videos to improve engagement with your customers.
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POPIA and GDPR Compliant email marketing.

Manage the types of email marketing your leads who stay in South Africa and/or the EU wish to receive, all from a single platform. Zoho Marketing Automation covers permission-based, content-based and GDPR compliant email marketing strategies to ensure that you effectively manage consent, lead preferences and the deleting of data should a lead no longer wish to receive your email marketing. All this is done from one platform which saves you time and efficiently helps you to maintain a clean database for your marketing efforts.

Zoho Email Marketing POPI and GDPR Compliant

A feature-rich Marketing Automation platform designed for your business. 

Small - Medium Businesses

Turn your leads into loyal customers and boost your business growth with an affordable marketing automation platform with features designed to help you get better results at every stage of your customer journeys. 


Market your business,  grow your online audience, reach potential clients, build long-lasting customer relationships and boost your revenue the smart way with a well-designed marketing automation platform.

Digital Marketers

Get the conversation started, keep leads engagement using the right tools and make money anywhere, anytime with a marketing automation platform that gives you the flexibility to generate and convert leads on-the-go.

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