Zoho Projects

Zoho  projects is a comprehensive cloud-based  and  intelligently integrated project management tool designed to help teams to effectively manage their projects.

Manage. Collaborate. Deliver.


effective planning, zoho

Effective Planning

Divide your complex projects into smaller, manageable tasks and sub-tasks and set budgets easily.
collaboration, zoho

Effortless Collaboration

Easily collaborate and interact with team members with Feeds, Forums and Chats designed with a social media touch.

superior tracking with zoho

Superior Tracking

Stay informed at all times with custom reports and Gantt charts that  give you 

visual representation of the current status of your projects. 

manage resources effectively with zoho

Manage Resources

Efficiently utilise your resources by knowing who is available, already assigned or overloaded and allocate tasks accordingly.

get detailed reporting with zoho

Detailed Reporting

Use actionable insights from visual and custom reports that help you execute projects faster and stay on schedule.

overcome dependencies with zoho

Overcome Dependencies

Determine the order in which project tasks need to be completed and track them using a dedicated reporting view.

intuitive user interface

Intuitive User Interface (UI)

Feel at home with an interface that is easy to learn, understand and effortlessly adapts to your preferences.  
intelligent integration

Intelligent Integration

Be more productive with a tool that intelligently and seamlessly integrates with other amazing Zoho and 3rd party apps.

work remotely with zoho

Work Remotely

Execute projects successfully like you never left the office with a toolkit that offers many ways to stay in sync.

Built with you in mind.

An all-in-one suite that enables you to create project outlines with tasks, task lists, milestones – all of these help conceptualise a multi-step project and break it down into manageable bit-size chunks.

Work smarter with Zoho, wherever you are.